Law Enforcement United – “Road to Hope”

As little as $10 sure can add up! Plus, it goes to a great cause! Please donate to the Law Enforcement United “Road to Hope” fund. Once I raise enough money, I can participate in the 250 mile bicycle ride from VA to DC in May of 2014 in the memorial ride for fallen officers during Police Week. All of the donations are tax deductible too!


The money raised goes directly to C.O.P.S. – “Concerns of Police Survivors” who directly help the children and families of fallen officers.


It also goes toward the “Officer Down Memorial Page” and the “No Parole for Cop Killers Program.”


Law Enforcement United also helps give survivor benefits to the families.


If you can’t donate at this time, please feel free to copy and paste this information and share my link. A simple “share” to the right person could help tremendously!

Updated Trade List as of 7/26/2012

Updated Trade List 7/26/2012

About Me

Welcome to my patch collecting website! Take the time to browse around and see if there’s anything you like. This website is in it’s beginning stages, so information and creativity are limited right now. After it gets up and running for a while, I plan on adding more to it so please bear with me for now.


A little bit about me…I’m originally from Erie Pennsylvania. My neighbor was a state trooper at the time and he helped get me started into patch collecting when I was about 12 years old. It became addictive and my collection started growing. When I turned 14, I started in EMS as an Explorer with an ambulance company called EmergyCare Inc. At the age of 16 I became an EMT and was hired by the same company at the age of 18. After working there for a few years, I cross-trained and worked as an emergency dispatcher as well. While working for EmergyCare, I attended school at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and earned my Associate’s degree in criminal justice. I then went back to school for Communications and attended Penn State Behrend in Erie, PA and finished my Bachelor’s degree.

While in college, I paused my patch collecting for a little bit because I was very busy between school and work. While working for EmergyCare, I picked up a second part-time job as a police officer in a very small town called Cochranton, PA. I wokred there for six months, then, at the age of 29, I left EmergyCare and Cochranton PD and moved down to the Durham, North Carolina. There I started the police academy with the city of Durham. I am now a full-time patrol officer with the city and I love every minute of it. Now that everything is on track, I have started my patch collecting again full throtle! I collect patches from all over the world. I don’t care where it’s from. If I don’t have it, I’ll trade you for it. And that’s my story in a nutshell.

Feel free to e-mail with website advice and/or patch collecting questions or trade requests at rjl227@gmail.com



This site is not affiliated with the City of Durham, NC  Police Department or any government agency.  All comments herein are that of the web author.


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